Hoo Hey How
brand identity, typography, graphics. 2022.

Stockists include The Streamroom (UK) and First Crack Coffee (HK), etc. Also sold online at @hooheyhow.hk

Hoo Hey How (Fish-Prawn-Crab) is a popular Chinese and Vietnamese gambling dice game played during Lunar New Year. People could enjoy the gaming moment with family and friends in gatherings.

We decided to break the tradition and bring minimalism into the gaming kit design. By using simple illustrations, typography and a carefully selected paper stock, we aim to being a sense of calm and a unique aesthetic into Lunar New Year traditions.

Collaboration with Sharon Ng and Kavieng Cheng.

Photos by customers, left three by @jeffriahoo

How to play?

The objective of Hoo Hey How is to predict the possible combinations of faces that will appear on three dice after rolling; it is a game that entirely relies on luck to win. You will need someone to act as the dealer and around 2-10 players to start playing.

Players then place wagers on the mat printed with the six symbols, betting on the best possible symbols that will appear. After that, the dealer will roll all three dice. If you bet on the right symbol, you get back the money amount you bet when any dice face the corresponding symbol up. You can win double if two dices reach the chance and so on.