A Song For You: A Hong Kong Cantopop Archive 
publication. 2022.

An archive book of 100 Cantopop songs from Hong Kong, ranging from 1977 to 2022.
80mm x 125mm, 248pp perfect bound, in an acetate case with inkjet printed stickers. 
Printed at CSM Print & Production.

The books are of the same ratio as cassette tapes to recreate the physicality of discovering music before the Internet age. The 100 songs were curated and separated into 8 playlists, shown in 8 distinct typefaces and colours. A few lines of the lyrics were chosen from each songs and translated to English.

Each playlist and song has a QR code directly linked to the respective Spotify page. The reader is invited to read in the curated order or flip the book randomly, stop at a particular page, scan the QR code, and further explore the song, the album, the artist, or the genre on their mobile phones.

June 2022 Graduation Showcase