type design, type specimen. 2021.

Cantono is an experimental typeface aiming to visualise the six tones of Cantonese Jyutping romanization system. Different tones in the language implies a different meaning. Six styles are created to represent the six tones, based on the pitch changes.

Type specimen with poster - includes typesetting of a Cantopop song so the reader can have access to a sound sample of the language and follow along.

Open studio, December 2021.

This project started by exploring how graphic representations communicate beyond borders by translating typography of different languages.

The research began by comparing typography of Latin and Kanji (Japanese. Hanzi in Mandarin Chinese; Hanja in Korean, basically means the Chinese characters) - therefore the square form of glyphs were inspired by Kanji letterpress, where all letters are placed in an EM square (the edge of metal type).

The typeface can be used for purposes like Cantonese education or Cantopop promotion. It directly influenced my next final year project A Song For You.